Like humans, violins suffer from the effects of time and accidents. In such instances, the instrument maker acts like a doctor: looking carefully, listening carefully and performing the necessary procedures that will restore life and beauty to the instrument. It goes without saying that the greatest attention will be paid to both the instrument’s style and its grace.

Before attempting any type of repair or restoration work, we will suggest a free, detailed and complete inspection of the instrument considered. The estimate for repairs or restoration work is free of charge.

Sometimes an instrument suffers an unexpected misfortune. Despite the disfigurement caused by an accident, the luthier will help you to restore it to health and sound.

Inside view

View from outside
Once the restoration is complete

Violin-making workshop
Yoshi-Benoît Sugiyama

Opening Hours

From Tuesday to Friday from 2 PM to 5 PM. Appointment recommended

On Mondays by appointment only.

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